Happy Birthday Lola Chin!!

Happy Birthday Lola Chin!

Happy Birthday Lola Chin! Photo credit: Lola’s Mom

I see Lola about twice a week for an hour each visit to let her out of her cage for exercise and entertainment. I love how she finds ways to engage with me while I’m cleaning her cage. One day while I was sweeping debris into a dustpan, as I started to lift the dustpan, Lola ran toward me from across the room, jumped onto the dustpan just as I was lifting it, and debris flew everywhere! Haha! I get so much joy from this little creature, I have come to love and appreciate her very much.

Chicken breast is my treat of choice

I’m aware of problems with pet food and treats, and am concerned because treats are a great way to get a pet’s attention, to make friends, to get their cooperation. I don’t recognize all of the ingredients that are in most pet foods and treats and there are so many products to choose from. Some are made here in the U.S., others made outside the U.S., regulations for pet foods and treats are not as stringent as they are for human food. It would be devastating to learn that a treat I gave an animal turned out to cause harm.

I’ve decided to use chicken breast as my treat of choice for dogs and cats. I buy a whole roasted chicken from Costco, I eat the dark meat (which I love) and cut up the breast meat in small pieces for the animals I work with (they love it). There is only one ingredient, chicken, and I know it’s safe because I’m eating it too.

Buster Graduates Advanced Class at J9’s K9s!!!!!!

Love this Buster boy! We had to perform a “secret trick” for graduation day. Buster likes to guard toys and can get aggressive when playing with toys, so we’ve been working on teaching him to fetch a toy and leave it for a treat. He performed beautifully once I understood how to present it. I’m learning so much from Janine and her team at J9’s K9s and Buster is having lots of fun! Buster lives at Pet Adoption Fund if you know of anyone who would be interested in adopting him.

ADV LATE 02-14-15-600Photo credit: Janine at J9’s K9s.

Buster completes J9’s K9s beginner class!!!!

Congratulations to Buster and me, because we just completed our first class together at J9’s K9s. Buster did so well today, he completed the beginner agility course in just over 40 seconds which placed him second overall in the class. He really catches on fast!!! We’re moving on to the intermediate class, wish us luck!


That green star by Buster’s name indicates perfect attendance.Buster-Cert-4blogSo proud of Buster, we work together 4-5 times per week to practice for our classes. During class, Buster has great focus and energy. True pleasure to work with and well deserving of lots of treats and chest rubs! Anyone interested in adopting Buster can contact Pet Adoption Fund in Canoga Park where Buster lives. Buster is not good with kids, needs to be adopted by an experienced handler.


Romeo, cattle dog

Romeo is the handsomest dog in his neighborhood, imho. This is a great shot, even though it’s a bit out of focus, still good because Romeo does not often give direct eye contact to the camera (took a lot of shots before I got these two).


Walking the loop with Lucy

I get to work on my cardio with Lucy because we walk the loop which is a circle over a steep hill a mile long. Recently, we took three rests in the shade and enjoyed being outside.


Nothing like the rest you get after a good cardio workout, in Lucy’s nice, air-conditioned house:


Rio, birdsocks

This is Rio, a lovely lovebird with a strong and sharp beak that I respect. That’s why there are bars between us… Rio has a lot of personality, we like to whistle at each other during my visits.